CD roller


Restore all lost information from your damaged CDs and DVDs


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CD Roller is a simple app that lets you analyze all of the information on any of your disks, process it, and then try to recover any data lost due to the passing of time.

By simply dragging and dropping, you'll be able to access all the files located in those CDs r DVDs which your PC cannot read because they are so damaged or corrupted. Recovering images, movies, and any other type of lost files from your flash memory cards is just another of CD Roller's great features.

Apart from revering all kinds of files from any type of unit, its integrated recorder helps you create CDs, DVDs and BDs, or create back-ups without having to go to third party applications.

It’s compatible with nearly all types of different formats, so no matter what your disk looks like, CD Roller will try to restore all of its information.
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